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Parents and educators, download free home and classroom curriculum and student handouts belowKey STEAM and grade-appropriate concepts are expanded to the home and classroom along with hands-on student demos and experiments.  All 13 episodes have specific curriculum and activities and are available at two levels, Elementary (3rd to 5th grades) and Middle School (6th to 8th grades).


Lessons are aligned with standards from Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core Learning Standards in Literacy and Math, and National Health Standards. All lesson plans can be adapted for lower grades and upper grades.

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The Brainchild curriculum is based on each of the 13 Brainchild episodes currently streaming on Netflix.  Every episode's material includes a corresponding lesson plan for the parent or teacher and a handout for the student.


See the episodes below!

Brainchild Social Media Show Image


In this episode, we look at the science of social media – the good, the bad, and the OMG! You’ll learn what makes the perfect post, what turns people into cyberbullies, and why it’s so hard to put your phone down. It’s time to get social!

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Brainchild  Germs Show Image


This episode explores the icky, gross, yet surprisingly helpful world of germs that live in, on and all around us. Which weighs more, all the bacteria on earth or all the people? Which is dirtier, your cell phone or your toilet seat? Is the ‘5-Second Rule’ real? It’s time to get down and dirty!

Brainchild Superheroes Show Image


Myths about superheroes have captured our imagination since Ancient Greece. But do you know who also has superpowers?  YOU!  From hidden X-Ray vision to pain resistance to secret lizard powers -- we’re unmasking the science of super!

Brainchild Dreams Show Image


Whether you remember them or not, you will spend years of your life dreaming. But why do you dream? What do your dreams mean? Could there be a benefit to having bad dreams? Wake up to a wonderful world of dreams!

Brainchild Space Show Image


Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered… how big is the universe?  Where are we in the cosmos?  What are stars made of? And most of all -- are we... alone?  Strap in as we journey to the farthest reaches of space to find answers, asteroids and aliens!

Brainchild Emotion Show Image


Emotions. Sensations. Feelings. No matter what you call them, you definitely have them. But what are emotions? And where do they come from? And how can you control them… before they control you? We’re getting real with how you feel!

Brainchild Motivation Show Image


Homework, piano practice, walking the dog. How do you get motivated to do the things you don’t want to do?  Easy... just watch this episode on motivation. But what is motivation? And why do some kids have it, while others just want to stay in bed? Learn how to power through your to-do list!

Brainchild's Oceans Show Image


Our planet is covered with water, yet we know less about the ocean than we do the far reaches of outer space! How is it 95% of the ocean remains unexplored? Where did the ocean come from? And why is it so important to protect these vast bodies of water… before it’s too late? It’s time to hop in our sub and get to the bottom of the ocean!

Brainchild's Thinking Show Image


What are you thinking about, right now?  Because you’re always, always thinking.  But where do thoughts come from? Why do some thoughts just POP into your head? And who controls your thoughts: you, or your brain? We’re using puzzles, games, and magic to change the way you think about thinking!

Brainchild Hidden Forces Show Image


Your world is controlled by invisible forces -- from the gravity that keeps you stuck on earth; to the electricity powering your phone; to the wi-fi connecting you to the internet. But do you have any idea how these forces work? Learn how to harness the magical, mysterious, hidden forces that run the planet!

Brainchild Creativity Show Image


Whether you’re a painter, dancer, musician, or none of the above, creativity exists inside us all!  But how can you unlock it?  And are there ways to get more creative? Get ready to learn the tips, tricks, and science you need to get your creative juices flowing!

Brainchild Memories Show Image


Your memories are critical to helping you navigate the world. But what exactly are memories? And why is it you can remember some things and not the others? Can your memory be trusted? And how can you get better at remembering? Find out on this unforgettable episode of Brainchild!

BrainChild Beat the Parents Show Image


Who’s better, parents or kids? It probably depends on whom you ask! In this wild and wacky game show edition of Brainchild, we’re pitting parents against their kids in a series of mental and physical tests. Who will come out on top – and why? Get ready for a battle of the ages!

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